Managing Symptoms

Brain tumor symptoms can lead to the diagnosis of your tumor, but can also continue to occur after diagnosis.

Symptoms that occur can be based on:

  • The location of the tumor in the brain
  • Brain swelling
  • Treatment received
  • Impact of other medications
  • Health issues prior to the brain tumor being diagnosed

Always discuss any symptoms you have with your health care team at your clinic visits. Sometimes, writing down your questions will help you remember the questions that you have. If your symptom gets worse or a symptom occurs that you have never had before, you should contact your health care team to discuss these symptoms.

Some questions they may ask include:

  • When did the symptom start?
  • Did anything make the symptom worse?
  • Is the symptom there continuously, or vary over time?
  • Has there been any other change in your health, medications, or new over the counter or supplements since the symptoms started or worsened?

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