Understanding My Team

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There are several members of your medical team that may be involved in your care.

Members of this neuro-oncology team typically include:

  • Neuro-oncologist – a doctor who treats brain or spine cancer
  • Neurologist – a doctor who deals with disorders of the nervous system
  • Neurosurgeon – a doctor who operates on the brain or spine
  • Radiation oncologist – a doctor who administers radiation therapy
  • Neuropathologista doctor who studies diseases of the nervous system
  • Psychologists and social workers – offer emotional support and assist in managing the practical and financial impact of a brain tumor
  • Nurses and nurse practitioners – oversee the management of patient care as recommended by doctor

Seeking a Second Opinion

The Brain Tumor Trials Collaborative is a network of renowned medical centers. These doctors have made a career long commitment to improving the lives of brain tumor patients.

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