Finding Treatment

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Information on treatment options and guidance on making decisions.

Your medical team will work with you to create a treatment plan that’s right for you. Brain tumor treatment depends on many factors including: the results of diagnostic tests or biopsy; the size, location, and growth pattern of the tumor; medical condition, age, and health history of the patient; and the patient’s and family’s wishes. As you make your plan, it is important for you to understand all options and possible side effects so you can make the best decision for you or your loved one. A second opinion is sometimes helpful when faced with making treatment decisions. Ask your health care team about the timing and any guidance when seeking a second opinion.


Standard treatments include surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy.

Surgery is the preferred first step when a brain tumor is suspected (based on symptoms and imaging tests). Surgery is important to determine the precise diagnosis, to remove as much of the tumor as can be safely removed, and may help to reduce brain swelling and symptoms. Depending on the type of tumor and tumor grade, radiation and chemotherapy may be used in addition to surgery.

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Surgeons will try to remove as much of the brain tumor as possible, while not damaging healthy tissue.

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Radiation is a common treatment for brain tumors and can be used alone or combined with surgery and/or chemotherapy.

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Chemotherapy is drug treatment for cancers or tumors. It is commonly used in combination with surgery and radiation.


For patients with brain tumors, clinical trials are treatment options to consider.

Trials are available at any stage and may offer a chance for a better outcome or improved quality of life.

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What Is A Clinical Trial?

Information on what clinical trials evaluate and the four different types of research trials.

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Questions To Ask About Trials

Questions to ask your doctor to help you determine if a clinical trial is right for you.

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Clinical Trial Phases

Clinical trials follow a series of steps, called phases, which are outlined.

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How Do Trials Work?

Describes the tests and detailed information on trial phases.

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How To Participate?

Describes what the eligibility criteria often includes.

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Why Participate In A Clinical Trial?

The benefits and risks of participating in a clinical trial.

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How To Find A Brain Tumor Clinical Trial

When you should seek out a clinical trial and available brain tumor clinical trials.

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BTTC Clinical Trials

Information on BTTC clinical trials that focus on improving treatment and outcome for brain tumor patients.

Questions To Ask About Treatment

Questions to ask to help you determine the best treatment for you.

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Questions To Ask

Deciding which treatment is best can feel overwhelming. Talk with your treating doctor about all the possible treatment options. You have choices.

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