My Diagnosis

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Providing you with the basic information to help you understand brain tumors.

Finding out that you or your loved one have a recurrence can feel overwhelming. Doctors will perform many tests using medical equipment and terminology you are unfamiliar with. Learning this process can help you feel more comfortable and confident you are making the right medical decisions.

My Diagnosis


Learn where the tumor is located within the brain to help you understand what symptoms may occur.

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Possible symptoms that can be related to the location of the brain tumor or increased pressure.

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Diagnostic Tests

When a brain tumor is suspected or confirmed, your doctor will have you undergo one or more tests to diagnose or monitor it.

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Brain Tumor Types

There are more than 120 types of brain tumors. See the most common brain tumor types.

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See the various tumor grades. Knowing the grade helps to predict the tumor’s likely behavior.

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Prognosis refers to the probable outcome of the disease. View the latest prognosis statistical report.

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