Questions To Ask Your Surgeon

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Here are some questions to ask your surgeon to help you decide if surgery is the best treatment option, prepare you for surgery, and ensure you are receiving the best possible care.

Questions to Ask:

  • Why is surgery needed?
  • What are my alternatives to surgery?
  • Are there other treatment options available based on my current medical condition?
  • How many brain tumor patients with my tumor type do you treat each year?
  • What other specialists will be a part of my healthcare team? (For example: neuro-oncologist, medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, advanced practice nurse, nurse navigator, pharmacist, speech therapist, neuropsychologist, social worker, nutritionist, physical therapist)
  • What are the benefits of the surgery?
  • How long will the surgery last?
  • What are the risks and possible complications of having the operation?
  • What happens if you do not have the operation?
  • Should I get a second opinion?
  • What is your experience in doing this operation?

Make sure you are getting the best care possible by asking your surgeon these questions.

We encourage you to download and print these questions and bring them with you to your appointment. 

Seeking a Second Opinion

The Brain Tumor Trials Collaborative is a network of renowned medical centers. These doctors have made a career long commitment to improving the lives of brain tumor patients.

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