Living with a Brain Tumor

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Ways to care for yourself and your loved ones.

A brain tumor diagnosis can leave you feeling uncertain over what the future holds. Acknowledge your fears and concerns, as well as share your strength with others. Whether you decide to turn to family and friends, your medical team, social workers or support groups – online or in-person – never forget that you are not alone on your journey.


Brain cancer can impact all aspects of your life. There are resources available to help you cope.

A brain tumor can be challenging not only to the person battling the disease but also for caregivers and loved ones. Knowing what to expect can ease your fears.

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Patient Outcomes

Tools used in clinical studies to evaluate the impact of both the cancer and its treatment on the person.

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Managing Symptoms

Possible symptoms that can occur and how to communicate these symptoms with your doctor.

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Information and Support Resources

Organizations dedicated to educating and supporting cancer patients, their family members and caregivers.

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Brain Tumor Organizations

Organizations dedicated to educating and supporting brain tumor patients, their family members and caregivers.


Guidance on ways to find support for you and your loved ones.

Recovering from treatment side effects can be difficult. You can find comfort and strength through support groups and by communicating openly with your family and doctor. Hearing from others whose lives are affected by a brain tumor can help relieve the stress of isolation.

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Talking To Your Family

Helpful tips for talking to your friends and family about your diagnosis.

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Caring For Myself

Tips for taking care of your emotional and physical needs.

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Questions About Support

Questions to ask your doctor to help you better understand your overall care.

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Patient Stories

Hear from others who have been affected by a brain tumor.


Join the celebration of people who are fighting brain tumors while being an inspiration to those who are carrying forward.

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Head For The Cure

HFTC is committed to raising awareness and funds for the fight against brain cancer.

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